Mauro Colagreco is a fire that burns blazing in two large flames of different colours: from the most subtle orange nuances of his Abruzzo origins that characterize him with humility and genuine soul.

Colagreco series (September 2019)

story by Paolo Vizzari


“Rigor, precision”: keywords by Enrico Crippa. I remember the first meeting with him, a disaster, I had to face a challenge that seemed almost impossible to me, one single limited-edition knife in 10 pieces. “

Chef Enrico Crippa series (November 2017)

story by Michele Massaro


I don’t know how many among those who, while zapping, bump into Igles Corelli’s performances on Gambero Rosso Channel, actually know who that chef with a marked Emilian accent really is and what he represents for gastronomy.

Corelli series (May 2020)

story by enzo vizzari

aimo e nadia – chefs negrini e pisani

” il luogo di aimo e nadia ” was born in those suburbs of milan that recall the words of the song ” il ragazzo della via gluck ” by adriano celentano.

pisani e negrini series (february 2021)

story by dorina palombi


esteeming a person means to hold him or her in high regard, it is precisely considering him or her to be of value.

ruggieri series (january 2019)

story by simone cantafio


In France he was hired by Michel and Sébastien Bras, who then catapulted him to the Land of the Rising Sun and put him at the helm of a restaurant (two Michelin stars) with a Japanese-only brigade, on the island of Hokkaido in Toya

Cantafio series (November 2020)

story by alberto del giudice


“According to Vittorio Capovilla, distilling means extracting the soul of fruit. His bottle is the precious container with a wooden-headed cork and reinforced by a double string of twine covered by the sealing wax in the “colour” of taste.”

Capovilla series (January 2020)

story by Giampaolo Giacobbo


“Matteo Baronetto is the head of one among the most important restaurants in Italy. We are talking about “Del Cambio” in Turin, where Camillo Benso Count of Cavour used to eat, as evidenced by a plaque in the Risorgimento Room.”

Chef Baronetto series (December 2019)

story by Sarah Scaparone


“Because he was a man of forest and sea, of fishing and hunting, of blades that used to challenge tree trunks and to caress scales, but Fulvietto in the knowledge of sea was clearly superior: perhaps, the most sensitive cook-fisherman of Italy.”

Fulvietto series (September 2019)

story by Giulia Gavagnin


“Josko Gravner’s knife for grafting is 18 cm long and 3 cm wide with a 7.5 cm blade made of oxidizable steel but of modern conception, one of the absolute best performing steels to guarantee the best quality in cutting and sharpening. “

Gravner series (August 2019)

story by Giampaolo Giacobbo


“Antonia Klugman’s cuisine is the cuisine of truth, of the surroundings, of people. No frills in the realization and well-structured in thought, it translates into little stories that almost accidentally take the form of dishes, because their substance does make the difference. “

Chef Klugman series (February 2018)

story by Stefano Caffari


“Emanuele Scarello’s cuisine does not ignore technique: he knows it, uses it and forgets it when needed. Far from unrealistic ostentation, he seeks daily taste nearby and the projection of surprise while respecting ingredients. “

Chef Scarello series (January 2018)

story by Stefano Caffari


“Chef Tokuyoshi has contaminated our food, our ingredients with the concept of Japanese cuisine, and I have contaminated the concept of Japanese knife, with the forging techniques of my country.”

Chef Tokuyoshi series (March 2017)

story by Michele Massaro


“During the project, Pino and I talked about our grandparents, scents, the water of the ditch and the sea, rather than knives.”

Chef Cuttaia series (September 2016)

story by Michele Massaro


“What is a knife for a chef? – This is the question we often ask ourselves – How important is this tool for our work, but even more, to get the right cut of this or that ingredient? “

Chef Costardi series (September 2016)

story by Christian Costardi

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“The first conversation was almost an introduction about my way of working and my thinking about the knife: a cutting tool”

Chef Pier Giorgio Parini series (August 2015)

story by Michele Massaro