My name is Michele Massaro, I’m from Maniago. In 2015 I reopened the only forge in the Municipality of Maniago which has remained in operation thanks to the Lenarduzzi family.
The love for manual work, for traditions, as well as the respect for a concrete generation capable of fighting and working are the factors that led me to turn what originally was just a hobby into a real job and make it a daily stimulus for what I create every day.
The goal, beyond the practical sense, is to recall and hand down a lost art, made of gestures, work phases, tools, terminology and skills in shaping a piece of steel, giving the latter special characteristics that make it a perfect cutting tool. The linear blows of the mallet have always represented my town of origin: the blacksmiths and our traditions. That’s why I tried to enhance the features of the forge rather than eliminating them, I wanted to make them a real brand, not only mine, but of Maniago and its people, of the dust and slag on the forge floors that tell our story.
Not the usual brute de forge with mere aesthetic purposes, but a true story of life.