yoji tokuyoshi

text by michele massaro


chef tokuyoshi has contaminated our food, our raw material with the concept of japanese cuisine, i have contaminated the concept of japanese knife with the forging techniques of my country.

contamination, the meeting with yoji generated the story that best tells of his cuisine and my knives. our philosophy, our study have led both to walk in the same way but following different paths.


thin blades, specific and precise cuts bring the knife as a tool towards a conceptually and technically japanese blade, but i made it by adapting the traditional techniques of maniago to the need of obtaining fundamental characteristics for the modern chef’s knife. collaborating, comparing, being put under scrutiny by the culture of excellence regarding blades and cuts.


gyuto knife

similar to our carving knife, extremely thin blade forged in one carbon steel element, sanded on both sides. handle grip in fine green burl stabilized insert to the guard and heel stainless.



the 30 mm in length sashimi knife sanded on both side. handle grip in fine green briar root stabilized insert to the guard and heel stainless



japanese traditional knife born for the octopus. handle grip in fine burl stabilized green insert to the guard and heel stainless