My name is Michele Massaro, I’m from Maniago and in 2015 I’m opening the only Forge in Maniago that, thanks to the Lenarduzzi brothers, is still working.

My passion for manual work, traditions and respect for the old generations who have taught for these jobs gives me the motivation to continue. Every day what I produce gives me satisfaction to continue, what I do is for living but also to remember and hand down disappearing arts, work stages, tools terminology and above all skills in shaping a piece of steel, giving it a mechanic resistance, strength and elasticity which make the steel a perfect cutting tool.
“Brute de forge” is not usual of my knives,it has not only aesthetic purposes, but special contents: it is a story of life.
Always, linear strokes of the heavy mallet represents my Country to me, The” Battiferri”, our traditions, that is why I have tried to highlight the forge signs, instead of delete them, I wanted to make a real brand, not only mine but a Maniago brand, with his men, the dust and the slag of the Battiferri’s floors that telling our story.

I create my knife placing myself with an objective, the improvement of the cut: the primordial purpose of a knife.

Rationality, cleanliness, simplicity …. are my arrival, not my beginning, the result is harmony.

The kitchen knife to me represent the maximum expression of my job, I like to study and refine them. I know, that right after the package opening,this knife is tested and used …. when it works it becomes an extension of the hand that uses and consumes … kitchen knives are not an aesthetically senseless caricature of the “knife”. Kitchen knives are the “knifes”.

The kitchen knife that often I forge, has characteristics similar to those of the Japanese knife, however, using my Country traditional forge, and only one steel, the” brut de forge” signs are parallel lines of our difficult and heavy mallet … the steel that I’m using must make my knife sharp and easy to sharpen, that is why my choice falls on carbonsteel that bring the knife alive and intolerant to carelessness.

I rarely forge stainless steel, I refuse to realize fancy knives so distasteful, respecting the Damask origins, I do not follow trends that rap and are improperly used for the production of blades.

Remembering the Japanese masters I use in some knives two steels without highlighting them with western acid baths.