This result has been my first great satisfaction that I will not forget: “I have conquered the kitchen of the” express Master cooking “, and my blades have began to perform daily chef cuts ….”

Pier Giorgio Parini chef’s serie (August 2015)

Here are the knives made in collaboration with the chef Pier Giorgio Parini… When I met him the first time at Pier Giorgio’s “Osteria del povero Diavolo “, I saw him working, and I held in my hand an artisanal Japanese knife unobtainable in Italy that has nothing to do with industrial production that are dished up ….
From there the serie “0” was born, in fact each knife is numbered and accompanied by a certificate.
The serie “0” and the serie “1”, works in Pier Giorgio’s hands since 2015 with my satisfaction.

Let’s talk about knives…

Everything I forge is made of carbon steel, if after being washed my knives are not oiled, they make rust, the best steel cutting knife make rust, it does not tolerate careless. The steel hardness is a good compromise to be use in the kitchen, the blades do not beat unnecessarily 63 hRC as if they were punches or shearing blades to cut steel. As in Pier Giorgio’s “surprise” kitchen, we decided to make the handles grip with the woods that I can personally find in my woods: dogwood smoke tree from Carso, laburnum, hawthorn, juniper, mespilus, spin cervino etc., ” alien species are forbidden “… according to Pier Giorgio ‘interpretation, brute de forge, dear to me for the story it tells, has an important meaning: the burned waste is the common symbol of the kitchen and the forge:” the fire “

Parini N°1 Bursar-Petty 9cm blade
sharpened on both sides Pier Giorgio’s bursar, the ” master chef” in the use of herbs…


Parini N°2 17-18 cm blade sharpened on both sides
Fillet is his task the forged blade with the old heavy hammer has a thickness between 2.0 mm and 1.0 mm, great penetration to prepare every day a lot of kilograms of anchovies and minnows fillets.


Parini N°3 Gyuto shredded shape 19.5 to 21 cm
blade sharpened on both sides


Parini n4 26 cm blade sharpened on both sides
Slicing … similar to a ham knife, can be used as such, or to thin slices the vegetables and llet. I’ve learned with Pier Giorgio, that a blade to make precise cuts must be thin and narrow and not too long, and above all not to be exible, sharp steel must transmit to a sensitive hand the feeling of precise cut, be the hand extension


Parini N°5- 23 cm blade, weight 450 grams sharpened on both sides
This one, for the Chef technical opinion is a revolutionary knife, it enclose the features of the half shot and of a normal knife. Varying the grip position on the handle it can be used as a small cleaver for bones and cartilage or take the advantage for cutting and slicing, of the last 7-8 cm knife blade .