I think that the Gourmet knife, invented in 2015, is the one that mostly represent my philosophy: simplicity to highlight beauty and functionality.
Over the years the knife making industry has taken two paths, the industrial and the
artisanal; the latter lacks functionality which has been traded for a misled and bad taste idea of art.
In the gourmet knife I have concentrated the essence to define functionality: a cut that is easy and perfect and the story told by the markings of the power hammer on the blade.
Boldly I would say that this and all my knives of the “linea evoluzione” are my spaghetto al pomodoro.
(cit. F. P.)


“Stop only when you think that in a dish there are no more elements to remove;
when you prepare a dish don’t retouch it, don’t tune it…:
a little bit of crunchiness, a
texture.. A great dish comes out in one go, every touch up makes it lose energy,
Dare to be inaccurate and never forget that simplicity is the destination…”

the dishes:
– chef mauro colagreco 3 michelin Stars 1st on 50best restaurant 2019
– chef fulvietto pierangelini
– chef pisani e negrini 2 michelin stars
– chef yoji tokuyoshi 1 micheln star
– chef emanuele scarello 2 michelin stars
– chefs christian e manuel costardi 1 michelin star
– chefs giorgio damini 1 michelin star

“piccione e fragole di bosco” restaurant “Mirazur” chef Mauro Colagreco 3 michelin Stars 1st on 50best restaurant 2019

-photo “il piccione” by pisani e negrini: paolo terzi
-photo “filetto di ombrina” by fulvietto pierangelini: andrea moretti
-photo”bruschetta di wagyu giapponese” and “sopa coada”: matteo castagna