“When we met for the first time Michael Massaro, “Coltellinaio Matto ( Crazy Cutler),” to us, we were in a jail …”

Costardi chef’s series

Che cos’è un coltello per uno chef ? Questa è la domanda che ci facciamo spesso quanta importanza ha questo strumento per il nostro lavoro ma ancora di più per ottenere il giusto taglio di questo o di quel ingrediente?

For us the knife is an essential tool, in our work it is not only a tool used in cooking process, but it is an extension of our hand and the blade that cuts is the thought that comes into our heads, should be handy, balanced, sharp and above all must be “our knife”. It is crucial for us to have always our knife with us, we know it, we know how to use it, and he knows us.

Let’s talk about knives…

When we met for the first time Michael Massaro, “Coltellinaio Matto ( Crazy Cutler),” to us, we were in a jail … no not like you can think, serving a sentence … but to do a charity dinner in favor of the detainees. He arrived with his mustache, looked coy, shy, then he opened the briefcase with his knives and from the first moment we realized that those would become our knives, we had no doubts that we wanted the extension of our hand made by a person who loves his job as much as we do.
We chose the blades, the weights, the thicknesess, the handles grip, all the colors, our knives were born to follow us in our work. During our travels we share with them our achievements and our labors and when we grasp them we know that to forge them was “The Crazy cutler”. His passion and his effort, has given us a perfect tools with a precise weight and balance .
This is what we think about the knife, which for us becomes our best travel workmate and especially when we grasp it, we know that behind it there is a person who works with love and above all creates unique pieces of craftsmanship.

Our series consists of 5 pieces that we believe are essential and fundamental to our work, the name we have given to them are


Costardi Bros Cut:a knife that comes from the past, born as a shot knife, often heavy, but we wanted it thin, lightweight and easy to handle, with high blade that allows all precision cuts and even chop, to make perfection vegetables or meat cuts.


Costardi Bros Sfiletto:the knife that every butcher or fishmonger would like, thin, balanced, slightly flexible which allows boning or filleting meat and fish, extremely precise knife and especially with a great comfort.


Costardi Bros at Portè:Perhaps the knife that did not exist, a minideba that becomes a knife to do everything, always by your side, with his leather pouch and lanyard is perfect to keep tied to our denim apron and have it always ready to cut everything.


Costardi Bros Spatula:a spatula that we wanted, elbow shape, small and handy with a slightly one side sharp edge that can cut several things .


CostardiBros Pinza: Long pliers for cooking, the idea comes from the Japanese chopsticks forged by the skilled hands of Michele.