Mauro Colagreco is a fire that burns blazing in two big flames of different colors: from the faint orange of his Abruzzo origins that makes him humble with a rustic spirit, to the deep red of the Argentinian pasión that pushes him to improve and never give up even when the odds are against him. 
Few other cooks in the world feel the ingredients and the methods of cooking as he do, used to almost talk to the embers and ask them the perfect result, and nobody else combines the best of South America with Europe, rereading France in a way that is both contemporary and respectful. 

You have no choice but to know Michele Massaro by bumping on the way in one of his knives and getting enchanted by it. 
If you look at the blade you see imprinted every hammer hit that has flattened it to perfection, this result is achievable by an artisan only through committed and crazy craftsmanship

In the work of one you can glimpse the other, the same satisfaction that raises from the exertion and the same magical touch able to transform a detail of nature in something better. 
I was aspecting that from this encounter a spontaneous bond would have started between two persons born to understand each other without words, and in the end I wasn’t disappointed.
Mauro and Michele the “fire bearers” are able to find the hidden magic in the warmth of the glowing embers, two we need to protect and support every time they make fly a spark.